What is a Four Hands Massage?

The four hands massage is performed by two therapists (one male and one female). This synergy helps to facilitate the harmonising energies within your own body. By cleverly combining basic Swedish Massage, no hands massage and Lomi Lomi, a unique massage experience is created. This experience is unlike any other massage you may have tried.

In the regular Swedish Massage you can keep track of the hand movements, yet in four hands massage the brain simply cannot predict nor keep track of the motion of the hands and then gives up trying leading to the deep state of relaxation. The routine itself can for the most part be modified to suit each individual client. It is like experiencing 2 full body massages at the same time. The treatment is carried out on a professional massage couch in a beautifully candlelit room to a collection of world music with the right balance of uplifting sounds (4 hands tantric massage is carried out on a large shiatsu mat on the floor). You have access to the complimentary sauna within the therapy room and shower. The atmosphere alone is totally engaging and with four hands working in tandem the effect is a hypnotic, mesmerising and ultimately unique massage experience. I am able to provide this unique massage fusion on request, please contact me to organise a four hands massage.

 4 hands massage is £100 for relaxation massage on the massage couch and £120 for tantric 4 hands.