Our Most Commonly Asked Questions!

 How much notice do you need?

Weekends are taken up by our popular training days so we need a little more notice to get an appointment on a weekend.  Ring us though and see if you land lucky to get an appointment on the day!

Why should I pick you to do my massage?

 As therapists we are fully qualified, highly experienced, insured and members of professional associations. We are knowledgeable in all areas of holistic therapies, massage and healing. We are able to modify our massages to suit your individual needs. We live a naturist lifestyle and full incorporate our passion into our work. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed with our therapy room, our massages and most of all our ability to relax our clients with our approachable and friendly dispositions.  

Can we really learn enough massage in only one day on the couples workshops? 

We provide a fast-track system of training for couples, who really want to learn and this speeds things up considerably.
 Although we cover the essential theory most of the training is practical.

What times do you work?

I am normally available Monday to Thursday in the evening and Friday through the weekend all day and evenings too.

What should I wear for the massage?

Our advice is "as little as you are comfortable with". We prefer to massage as naturists however if you prefer 1) towels covering you while you are naked or 2) towels over your underwear or 3) client naked with no towels that is fine by us. What is more important is that you are relaxed and enjoy the experience.

What do you do if a therapist is ill and i have paid upfront?

This event is highly unlikely; however as therapists we are only human like everyone else and can become ill. But in this unlikely event we will simply contact you in advance and re arrange your appointment to a mutually convenient time. 

What happens if i have to cancel my appointment?

Massage payments are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Failure to attend a confirmed appointment will result in the loss of all payments made for that visit. In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation - proof may be required, a request for a transfer to a different date will be considered at the discretion of both therapists.

What if I am late for an appointment?

If you know you are running a little late due to traffic then please contact your us.  At Naturist-MassageUK we believe in treating the client as a person and not an appointment time, your experience will be truly unique so there will not be that "conveyor" like feeling you might experience elsewhere. Your treatment will not be rushed, however we do like to start on time because we like to clean the room and shower/sauna areas ready for the next client.

So, how do I book?

First of all you need to make sure you know exactly which therapy you would like, have a rough idea of when you would like it. (weekend, evening, or daytime) Then check the price list. You should ring or email us to check availability, probably best if you speak to us or send an email. You can pay on the day in cash or by cheque with a valid bankers card. Add it to your favorites' list so you can access us at anytime.

Do you use aromatherapy oils?

Not at the moment, however we use either carrier oils or a pre blended oil. Our initial consultation that we carry out at the start of each therapy will inform us about any allergies you might have to the blends or oils and we will adapt our resources in accordance to the information your provide.

What if i become aroused during my massage?

If this happens (and it does happen more often than you might imagine) it is a totally natural reaction and certaily we are used to it.

Can my partner accompany me for my massage?

Yes this is fine, please let us know at the time of booking, and of course your partner is welcome to join you in the sauna

Do you do extras?

Yes we provide a lovely glass of ice cold filtered water at the end of your massage!! However if you persist in asking  for additional services which we do not offer you run the risk of not getting a treatment at all.

Does Sharon work alone?

Sharon only works with Simon on the couples and 4 hands massages and training days. 

What massage moves do you use?

  Massage movesThe standard massage moves may be slightly adapted to promote the feeling of relaxation and connection between the couple. The main moves are :-


This is the long flowing stroke with the pads of the fingers and palms of the hand. In sensual massage these stokes are generally longer and tempo is varied as opposed to the metronomic qualities of say a Swedish massage. The main purpose of effleurage in sensual massage, in addition to applying oil is to maintain connection between the giver and receiver and maintain the the continuity of the massage.


Thumb and finger pressure, probably lighter than in convention al bodywork and tend to be along the energy lines of the body. Particular emphasis is placed on the back, especially when the massage is tantric in nature. To awake the kundalini and assist in the transfer of energy throughout the body

Frictions and Vibrations

Vibrations up the spine against the venus flow and in contrast to the norm in say Swedish massage.


This is a very light touch which in tantra is referred to as erotic touch in the five kinds of touch ritual. There is often a small amount of feathering in Swedish massage. In sensual massage there is much more feathering.


This is not strictly an action, rather it is a specific position where contact is maintained without movement. Examples include the sacral press and certain more intimate moves.